10 years later

In 2006 Washington was the first city we visit in the USA. In 2016, Washington was the last city we spend time. Of course we needed a ‘then’ and ‘now’ picture. Back then we did not take many pictures featuring us. It was with a DSLR and selfiesticks did not exist yet. So the one with the camera (me) is not that often the subject.

Day 27: 3 more kilo

Today was the day to distribute all the stuff we had bought into our 6 suitcases. The benfit of flying with air Iceland is that you can check in 2 big suitcases (23 kilo-50 pound) and take 1 carry on (8 kilo) and 1 personal object PER PERSON.
So our Outwell Chillbin became a 3rd suitcase. And one extra bag that is very tiny when rolled together suddenly was our 4th.

We did the magic trick with the scale and removing all package and unnecessary papers.   Peter lost the bet: we were 3 kilo under weight limit. Se we went shopping 😉 Realy we did.
3 more dresses for me and some stuff for Peter.

The only problem would be: how do we get home once we land in Brussels. But I just booked a taxibus and we could drive with two carts to the bus. So all problems solved.


Day 26: Washington DC

Our last complete day in the States for a very long time.

We got breakfast at Harris teeter, took the train to the City and went straight to The Smitsonian ‘American History’ museum. Lees verder →

Day 25: Flight 93

It was a pitty we only stayed 1 night at Larry and Sharons. Wonderful people with whom it clicked from moment one.  We could stretch breakfast until 11 but then the long trip ahead was waiting for us. Lees verder →

Day 24: From Lakewood to Fairmont

After a very short night (sleeping with 2 in a bed that just fits 1 person is not optimal) I woke up to meet Linda, the other couchsurfing staying that night with Jesse. She even invited us to stay in San Fransisco with her and her familily when we ever travel back to that area. I have her businesscard 😉 Lees verder →

Day 23: Amish country

We left Columbus early in the morning and headed for Dennys for breakfast.  Later we headed for Amish country. The land of horse carriages. We choose
Schrock’s Amish Farm and Village as our destination and went for a horse and carriage trip and a visit to the Amish house. Lees verder →

Day 22: Motorcycles and piknick

Peter wanted to visit the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. I was able to get us a 1$ discount since he was a member of a Belgian club. Lees verder →

Day 21: from Indy to Columbus

We started the day with a good breakfast together with Katie. Evan had already left the house for work (all those retired people still work (from 20 to 60 hours a week)
We would drive from Indianapolis to Columbus, Ohio. Lees verder →

Day 20: Beer, beer, beer and icecream

Katie made us a delicious breakfast. Later in the morning We went cruising with the topless car. Evan had made a list of things he wanted us to see and taste. Only late in the afternoon we began to have an idea 😉 Lees verder →

Day 19: Jim, Katie and Evan

Even this last day, Penny found some interesting thing to do: visit Jungle Jims, a foodie paradise. It was on our way to Indianapolis, so that fitted perfectly. And it gave me the chance to buy ingredient for a meal i would cook in Zionsville. Lees verder →